Supreme stone-coated or regular steel roof tiles

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The company Skrin from Tolmin is a family business. We have been present at the market for more than two decades. We produce qualitative roof tiles with regard to the needs and desires of our customers. Our metal roof tiles are distinguished by long lifetimes, endurance in all weather conditions, resistance to corrosion and a beautiful appearance. We offer a rich palette of color shades of steel roof tiles Skrin (red, white, green, brown, silver, grey, black). Therefore you will easily find the one that will easily become part of your local environment. Our offer contains steel roofs in the form of roof panels as well as in the form of tiles. Both are a product of our company. We also offer various roof tiles from other manufacturers such as roof panels with polyurethane insulation as well as clay and concrete roof tiles.


Steel roofs from tiles or roof panels

Steel roofs in the form of tiles presents a natural appearance and therefore easily becomes part of the environment. The installation is very easy due to top-sided screws. It enables roofing on all slopes and shapes: we can also adjust the length of the tiles. The roof tile is light and does not burden the roofing; therefore it is appropriate for older buildings too. Tin roof tiles in the form of roof panels are distinguished by a great torsional strength that enables battening every 0.5 m. Such roof tiles are used for the roofing of residential, business, sporting and industrial buildings as well as malls and restaurants. It has a universal profile that is appropriate for façades (façade panels). If you wish, we can also add a layer of geo textile protection against condensation. 


Metal roof tiles Skrin

Metal roof tiles Skrin are extremely adaptable and enable realization of most complicated architectural ideas. The roof tile that will serve you for a great number of years is offered under very affordable prices. Metal roof tiles have a beautiful appearance on not only larger but also smaller buildings. Its outstanding technical characteristics are more than a good reason for purchase. Additional information on our metal roof tiles can be found on this web page.


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